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Blood Type Protocol

Our blood type protocol does show you how to get the “best” out of life by making a lifestyle change. Our approach shows you how blood type specific foods, exercise and determination can help you achieve daily, short-term and long-term goals. Give the blood type diet protocol a challenge and get back to “living”.

Live Right 4 Your Type

Eat & Cook Right 4 Your Type
Blood Type Diet
By: Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo

Janice Powell, CMT, CT, IFHI Fellow, Blood Type Practitioner

Have you ever wondered why the same diet and exercise that helps one person lose weight doesn’t have the same effect for someone else? The answer is simple. Different blood types respond to food and exercise in different ways. Following the Blood Type Diet can enhance normal metabolic functions and support healthy digestive systems, which means calories burn more efficiently and nutrients process more efficiently. This allows your body to seek its optimal weight.

Blood Type Analysis: $35.00
Blood Type Secretor Test: $99.95
Blood Type Consultation: $75.00/$125.00 per couple

Includes initial consult, protocol packet and follow-up visit.

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